It’s Time to Seize the Day and Make Things Happen!



It’s time to seize the day!

As I looked at my gladioli I had to smile. It has been a few weeks since I planted them, but they have a mind of their own. I gave the same amount of water and sunlight. I added  the same amount of dirt to each pot, even the pots are the same color. Somehow these gladioli are growing at a different rate.

Stop Procrastinating!


Isn’t it funny how sometimes we as people advance the same way? Not too long ago I was reading an article online where two men started working at a company the same day. There were two openings for the same entry level position, and they were both hired to fill them. Ten years later, both men were still with the company but, one was now the manager, and the other was still in the same entry level position.

Sometimes life and what we have to deal with isn’t fair, but what happens when life throws you a lifeline and you refuse to catch it?

If you know you want to do more tomorrow than what you’re doing today, then deal with whatever is hindering you from growing. Maybe you’re afraid of taking the next step that will launch you because you’re afraid of failure. Just in case you don’t know, not doing something because you’re afraid means you have already failed. Today I’m encouraging you to do it afraid. Get out of your comfort zone.


Bloom where you’re planted


Stop saying no and begin to say yes! Let this be your year of yes. Whatever makes you afraid I encourage you to face it head on. God created us for a purpose. Do not allow the devil to take away what HE has destined for you. Throw fear and procrastination out the window! God has so many gifts waiting for you but if you never show up to the party, guess what? you won’t get them!

The songs says what God has for me is for me and I say, whatever God has for me, I want it! It doesn’t matter that we’re in the eight month of the year, on God’s timetable, what doesn’t happen in a year, can happen in a day. Do what you do best, and allow God to do the rest.

Until next time, just remember, Let Jesus be your guide, and each man his brother’s keeper.












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