Working On Our Fixer Upper

For a while now my laptop has been acting all finicky. After I posted this article, it decided to end the relationship, imagine that. I finally have a new one, but we’re still getting to know each other. For the sake of my sanity, I hope we will be have a long and beautiful relationship.

I really don’t like change.

Anyway, although I haven’t been able to post anything, a lot has been happening. The hubs lost his job, his car gave up the ghost, and our roof is leaking. In all of this, we’re still smiling. I know that I serve a great big awesome mighty God. I also know that HE specializes in things that some people think is impossible.

This too shall pass, and on my appointed time, a change is gonna come!

Although I haven’t been doing much sewing, we’re currently doing some work on our little fixer upper. I made a little sketch of chest I wanted to use instead of our nightstands, and the hubs did a wonderful job bringing my vision to life.

Sorry about the picture quality, I’ll have better ones when the room is finished.

The TV niche is also a work in progress



We’re one of those couples who love having a TV in our bedroom. As for the closets, they too are a work in progress.



The plan was to put full size mirrors in the ones next to our bed but, after finding out that one piece would cost almost two hundred dollars, well, that idea went out the window, whoosh! I know these pictures aren’t the best, but when we took them it was because we wanted to have progress pictures for ourselves. Most of the time I forget to take pictures too. I promise to do my very best to ensure that our finished pictures will be good.

Working on our fixer upper has been fun, sometimes stressful, but always satisfying.

I know I haven’t shared anything sewing related with you today but, I have so much fabric stored up that I know in my next post I’ll definitely have a sewing project to share with you. I’ve already completed a dress, and I’m almost done with my very first box pleat skirt.

Because we’re currently working on our bedroom, I’ve taken a detour from making clothing, and my attention is now focused on making pillows, pillowcases, and curtains. This house has been on hold for three years this coming August and I’m on pins and needles to see it finished.

Well, that’s all for today, as long as this laptop doesn’t decide to show me who is boss, I will be back with another post soon. God bless.

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