T-Shirt Dress

Two T-shirts = one dress Today I want to show you this T-shirt dress. Yep, you read that right. I was walking through my local Walmart and as soon as I spotted them, something click. Now, this dress isn’t meant to be worn for anything fancy. It’s just one of those ideas that you may […]

t-shirt dress

Color Block Dress

This color block dress was created from another t-shirt, and a piece of fabric that I had in my stash. It’s a medium weight knit and I absolutely love it. who knew t-shirts were so versatile I still have a piece of it left over, and I do have a design in mind for it. My […]

What I Sewed Last Week

I am so happy with what I sewed last week. Our bedroom is coming along nicely, and I was able to get a few things sewn up. I had  so much fun making these pillow cases! Not only did I sew from my stash, but I made a trip to my local Hobby Lobby. I had […]

Working On Our Fixer Upper

For a while now my laptop has been acting all finicky. After I posted this article, it decided to end the relationship, imagine that. I finally have a new one, but we’re still getting to know each other. For the sake of my sanity, I hope we will be have a long and beautiful relationship. I […]